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16+ and care leavers

Coming into care for me was so difficult. If there is one thing I could tell you it would be that things are going to be okay, they will get better.

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Welcome to the 16+ and care leavers section of the Linkin Bromley Website

Welcome to the 16 + part of the website

Welcome to the 16+ part of the website. Here you can find advice about your accommodation, what happens when you join the leaving care team, your rights and much more. You may be thinking about your future and what lies ahead so we have tried to think of all the information you would like to know and put it in one place. If there is something else you would like to know more about please let us know by clicking on the green triangle in the right hand corner. If there is anything you want advice on please click on the advice tab and young people your age will reply back. We hope you like the website and find some useful information on it.


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