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Children 6-15

When I first came into care I was scared but they made me feel safe at home and I felt part of their family. You might find it difficult to fit in but you will and people will understand if you don’t like it.


Cornelius Claire - Face

My name is Claire Cornelius and my title is Project Manager, Bromley Independence Scheme.

I work in the Leaving Care Team and oversee anything to do with accommodation and support of any young people looked after by Bromley.

On joining the team all young people are placed on the housing register to wait until they are 18+ or until they are ready to hold their own tenancy.

If young people are moving from a foster placement or residential, there are different options for them.  They could be moving to a supported lodgings placement which is a bit more independent than fostering, or they may be ready to move on to supported housing.  We have different options for this and every project has different levels of support.

Young people are expected to visit any placement before a decision is made as to whether they will be moving in.  Sometimes this is not possible as it may be an emergency.  All young people will have either a social worker or young person’s adviser and they can talk to them about their move.  Sometimes we can’t offer you exactly what you want but we try to as much as possible. They will also be allocated a floating support worker who knows all about bills and rent etc and will be able to support them in this way.

When you are ready to move on your worker will talk to me about whether you will be able to bid for your own accommodation.  This is done on the computer.  All young people are expected to come to a group called “Moving On” where they will learn about how to be a good tenant and also how to bid for a property and also what benefits they may be entitled to.

You will then get your Setting Up Home Allowance to buy goods for your own property.

If you need to know more about this and you haven’t met me, talk to your worker and we can meet up.

Claire Cornelius
Project Manager
Bromley Independence Scheme


call: 020 8461 7869