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Children 6-15

When I first came into care I was scared but they made me feel safe at home and I felt part of their family. You might find it difficult to fit in but you will and people will understand if you don’t like it.


78426171 MRIf you want to complain and there is something you are unhappy about please:

  1. Speak with your family, social worker, foster carer, your teacher or independent visitor
  2. If they can’t help they can support you in getting an advocate
  3. If you are still upset about something tell your Independent Reviewing Officer
  4. If you are still not happy please contact the complaints officer:


Complaints officer

Tel: 020 8461 7644

Address: Education & Care Services Complaints
Department (children’s services) Complaints
Officer, LB Bromley, 3rd Floor Stockwell
Building, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH


call: 020 8461 7869