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Children 6-15

When I first came into care I was scared but they made me feel safe at home and I felt part of their family. You might find it difficult to fit in but you will and people will understand if you don’t like it.


115039382Education is important for everyone. It’s the key to unlocking a successful future and achieving our dreams.

Due to disruption and / or circumstances children and young people in care may have missed periods of their education and sometimes, those in care often find it difficult to concentrate and work hard in school because things that are going on in their lives.

Because of this we’ve ensured that there are people who understand some of the educational difficulties that you might go through and are able to support you, your parents and carers, and your school to help you have make great progress and have a smooth educational journey.

Bromley Virtual School

The Bromley Virtual School are a group of professionals who work closely with you, your school and your carers / parent, to support your educational journey and make sure you’re getting the help you may need. We don’t have a building but like any other school, we have a Head Teacher, Helen Priest, who alongside, teaching staff, monitors your attendance, supports your learning and ensures you are reaching your academic targets in your regular school.

What we do?

  • We make sure you are in a great early years setting.
  • Help your carers choose a great primary school.
  • We ensure you get into the secondary school of your choice and that you are consistently attending.
  • Support you with further education (college, university etc.), should you wish to pursue.
  • We make sure that you have a Personal Education Plan (hyper link) (PEP) and are able to meet twice a year.

Key Words:

PEP / Personal Education Plans:

A personal education plan or PEP is a educational document describing a course of action to help a young person reach their full academic potential. It is a legal requirement for every looked after young person to have one and it must be reviewed at least twice a year.

Financial Support

Until you are financially independent the local authority will provide support for your needs up until you are 21 years old, if you continue in further education they will support you until you are 25 years old. Depending on your particular situation there may be different options available to you, for example if you are attending university you are entitled to a grant and a maintenance loan whereas if you are unemployed you may be entitled to some form of benefits.


If you attend school or college there are usually no costs involved unless it is a requirement for your course, you will find this out beforehand.  In some cases young people can claim grants depending on your eligibility, different establishments take different factors into account.

Discretionary Learner Support Fund

This is a discretionary payment that is available for students who are enrolled in college or on a training programme. It is a means of offering additional support to any student who may be facing financial difficulties and hardship. The funding is usually used for:

  • Accommodation costs
  • Equipment required for your course
  • Travel costs
  • Childcare costs

Care to Learn

This is a childcare scheme that is only available to parents who are between the ages of 16-19 and need help with their childcare costs. The requirement is that parents must be enrolled in sixth form, college or a work based learning programme.

16-19 Bursaries

You could get a bursary to help with clothing, books or equipment required for your course. It can also be used for transport and food for the days you are studying. Students who are in need will receive around £1200 per year, this includes young people in care, care leavers, young people with a disability and young people who claim income support/universal credit. It is up to the schools or colleges to determine who is eligible for the bursaries and may have conditions that students will have to meet in order to receive a payment.

The amount you receive is also based on the course you study and the amount of hours that are required; if the course you are on is not a full time course then you will receive a proportion available to you.


call: 020 8461 7869