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Children 6-15

When I first came into care I was scared but they made me feel safe at home and I felt part of their family. You might find it difficult to fit in but you will and people will understand if you don’t like it.

Independent Reviewing Officers

163078628Who is the IRO?

The IRO is an independent person. When you become Looked After, you will be allocated an IRO who will contact you to let you know who they are and they will give you a card with information of how to contact them. They have two main jobs to do for you:

  1. To Chair your review and make sure you are part of it;
  2. To keep an eye on things between reviews to see how you are doing and make sure your care plan is working.

What is a Review?

A review is a meeting for children who are looked after by social services. A review gets together people involved to check out how things are going and makes any changes that need to be made to your care in a Care Plan. The review is about YOU and it is really important that you have your say.

What happens at Reviews?

You and the other people there will talk about how things are going for you.  There may be things that you decide you want to talk about or get sorted and there will be some things that need to be talked about. Some of the things that adults will need to talk about are:

  • making sure they keep you healthy;
  • making sure they keep you safe.
  • making sure they are supporting you to enjoy being a child and doing as well as you can at school.

If you don’t understand what someone says, you can ask them to say it again or to explain in another way.  Your social worker will talk to you more about what happens before your review.


To read more about CLA review meetings please click here to view a PDF


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