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Children 6-15

When I first came into care I was scared but they made me feel safe at home and I felt part of their family. You might find it difficult to fit in but you will and people will understand if you don’t like it.

Living in Care Council


Hello and welcome to the Living in Care Council (LinCC) section of the website, where you can find all there is to know about us and even how to join!


Meet the group

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The Living in Care Council (LinCC) is a group of looked after children and care leavers. We know what you are going through and that sometimes it can feel like everyone else is making decisions for you. We represent the care population in Bromley and meet to make care a better place and get our voices heard. We address issues with Heads of Services, Elected Members and Senior Managers on your behalf.


We made the welcome packs and DVD’s that you may have received when you first came into care and we are also involved in recruiting social workers.

You too can help us by emailing and joining our team.

What are the benefits of joining LinCC?

  • You can increase your confidence
  • You get to make friends and share advice
  • We get to do lots of fun activities like making films, going on trips and eating out
  • We help organise events like the celebration of achievement
  • Being part of the group looks really good on your CV

LinCC will keep you posted as time goes by with updates of what we are doing and general advice about being in care. Overall we stand up for young people in and leaving care! Our aim is to make care a better place for all looked after children and care leavers. We want to make them feel like everybody else.

We hope to hear from you soon 🙂

View the Living in Care Council leaflet


Below are some examples of the work we have been involved in:

  • The pledge film we made
  • The foster carer profiles we worked on for Under 12s (PDF) and Over 12s (PDF).
  • We helped contribute to the fosters handbook. See the handbook (PDF).
  • We made a DVD called A Fresh Start for young people who have just come into care. If you would like a copy please contact the Active Involvement Officer whose details are listed below.
  • We made the Primary Welcome Pack (PDF) and Secondary Welcome Pack (PDF).
  • We organised our own event in the summer and built up good relationships with other children in care councils.
  • Every year we help organise the celebration of achievement event for looked after children and care leavers.
  • We have participated in recruiting staff and training foster carers.
  • We helped to create this website.

Upcoming meeting dates:

September 2018

13th Sept – 6pm-8pm – LinCC

27th Sept – 6pm-8pm – LinCC


October 2018

11th Oct – 6pm – 8pm – LinCC

12th Oct – 12pm -4pm – Social Care Staff Conference Presentation

16th Oct – 7pm-8pm – Education, Children and Families Select Committee Presentation

22nd Oct – 9am – 5pm – LinCC Project

23rd Oct – 10am -4pm – LinCC Project Planning

23rd Oct – 4.30pm-6pm – Corporate Parenting Strategy Board


November 2018

1st Nov – 6pm-8pm – LinCC

15th Nov – 6pm – 8pm – LinCC

29th Nov – 6pm – 8pm – LinCC


December 2018

13th Dec – 6pm – 8pm LinCC

20th Dec – LinCC Christmas Meal


If you would like to know more about the group or visit us for a meeting please contact us:

The Active Involvement Officer : Melissa Bob-Amara

Tel: 020 8461 7869

Text: 07932 707262



Our Gallery

Residential  – Abbey Home Farm

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Christmas – Lights Tour and Dinner

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Residential – Avon Tyrrell

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call: 020 8461 7869