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Children 6-15

When I first came into care I was scared but they made me feel safe at home and I felt part of their family. You might find it difficult to fit in but you will and people will understand if you don’t like it.


Bromley visits Abbey Home Farm

Making Positive Decisions Residential


For the October half term Bromley’s Active Involvement Officer Melissa Bob-Amara organised an amazing residential trip at the fabulous Abbey Home Farm in Cirencester. The residential was supported by Tim Beer, Nicole Bassy and 2 care leaver volunteers Shannon and Grace. It was attended by 7 girls aged 12-14 years old who are currently looked after by Bromley and were identified by the Virtual School as those in need of some extra support. The residential took place from the 26th-30th October.

The programme consisted of the following:

Thursday 22nd October

The week before the half term the young people and carers met at the Bromley Civic Centre to discuss the aims of the residential. The meeting also gave the young people an opportunity to meet each other, for some it was their first time in a group of other children looked after. The meeting included ice breakers, setting the ground rules and an exploration of fears and hopes for the trip.

Aims of the Making Positive Decisions residential:

  • To give the group an opportunity to participate in a residential on a working farm away from their everyday norms
  • To include activities such as farmyard duties, egg collecting, horse care,, vegetable harvesting etc
  • To explore with the group their thoughts and opinions of experiencing change
  • To give the young people a complete organic experience, especially where food is concerned
  • To create an environment that enabled the group to build positive relationships with each other and staff
  • To deliver topic based workshops that enable the group to better understand themselves and the world around them

Monday 26th October


Welcome Farm Tour

On Monday we arrived at the farm for 3pm and received a warm welcome from Maya, the Education Officer for The Farm Project at Abbey Home Farm. Maya introduced us to our beautiful accommodation, the Orchard and along with Hilary one of the farm owners, they gave us the rules for the farm which included wearing wellies whilst doing all of the farm activities and being aware around the animals . After establishing the ground rules, they took us on a farm tour so that everyone would become familiar with their surroundings. The tour included visiting the cows and the crops.

That evening we had a workshop on embracing change and then went on a nightwalk with Will another one of the farm owners. For some of the girls the night walk was the highlight of their trip, it included a walk in the woods and an opportunity to participate in a food challenge. Our evening ended with marshmallows around the campfire.



Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Everyday started at 6.30am, staff members would get the girls up and ready for farm duties, before having breakfast in the delightful Orchard accommodation. Stepping outside of your door you were blessed with beautiful views of the farm. Every morning the girls participated in either breakfast preparation, farmyard jobs such as feeding the cows and vegetable harvesting.

20151027_110612           20151028_080803

Take a look at this gigantic cabbage and carrot…


Breakfast was always fresh and consisted of cereal options, freshly made breads, eggs, jams, honey etc and of course all organic.

After breakfast the activities included egg collecting, woodlands and vegetable planting.

Egg collecting

The girls absolutely fell in love with the chickens and learnt how to grade the eggs before taking them to the shop to be sold.

20151027_094808          20151027_095712           IMG_0421


Admiring the chickens



There was an opportunity every day to go to the woodlands in the farm jeep and learn how to build a fire with Will. At the end on the woodlands trip, Will would take the girls to the farm museum to explore all of the magical and historical items he’s personally found on the farm, some dated back to the Roman times.


20151028_100004        20151028_104629

The farm has some amazing history and it was great to learn about it with Will.


Lunch Times

During lunch times we prepared our meals together and every day there was something different. We made sandwiches, pizza’s and soups.

Some examples of our lunch times..

20151027_120640         20151029_11501620151029_122923

After lunch time we facilitated our own workshops that encouraged the girls to explore their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics such as Being in care, How they see themselves, Values etc.

The girls enjoyed these as there was always something new to explore and discuss. They appreciated having care leavers as volunteers on the trip to share their experiences.

Some examples of the work achieved:



An exploration of values


Looking at what makes a good relationship


After some reflection time, we proceeded with the evening activity which included Supper Preparation, Milking the cows and Horse Care.


Milking the cows

We all got the opportunity to see how the dairy cows are milked on the farm, and if you wanted you also got to have a go at milking the cows yourself.

20151027_160559 20151027_160704 20151027_160755 20151027_164225

After milking the cows we got the opportunity to feed the calves with the milk.


Horse Care

We all know that most girls love horses and on this occasion it was obvious. Our girls loved the up close and personal opportunity to groom the horses owned by the owners daughter Becs.

20151028_162638 20151028_162703 20151028_162717

20151028_164306         20151028_170741

After a full days work on the farm

After finishing on the farm we’d settle down for a delicious supper and homemade cakes.


Of course the learning and fun didn’t end there, we’d always have another workshop session and either have a pampering session or a warming campfire.

20151029_204352 20151029_204407


The last day…

We spent first part of the day reflecting on and evaluating the experience, here are some of the things that the girls and staff said:

How was the Staff?















One positive change that you would like to make in life…




We ended the residential with certificates for participation and motivational mugs for all…Oh and how could I forget the reflection walk.


We waved Maya, Will and Hilary from the minibus, there were lots of tears as we departed.


We can’t wait to return…..


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